The message is CLEAR and STRONG...

  • Don't be an Idle Eddy
  • Our children's health depends on you
  • Let's all do our share

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Meet Idle Eddy

He needs you to help our community.

  • Idle Eddy isn't capable of thinking for himself.

    He must rely on conscientious drivers to shut his engine off when he is idling. Idling engines cause serious health problems for the elderly, children and individuals with respiratory challenges, such as asthma and other lung diseases. In fact, the National Asthma Coalition reports that over 10 million students miss school each year due to asthmatic problems.

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  • Idle Eddy affects new businesses.

    As corporations look at coming to our community, new industries are reluctant to establish their companies here due to the amount of pollution emitted. Johnson Management Group (JMG), along with other businesses, are sending a strong and clear message “Don’t Be an Idle Eddy” because our children’s health is depending on you to take action. If we want cleaner air, we must do our share. All we need to do is just turn the key, then we all will be idle free.

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  • All we need to do is turn the key.

    Then we all will be idle free. Idle Eddy wants the best for our communities and asks that we do the following: turn the key, car / vanpool, ride the bus, walk short distances, keep vehicles tuned and combine trips.

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Johnson Management Group, LLC

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While serving at the Birmingham Chamber, the city was considered to have poor air quality. I thought of solutions to mitigate this issue from a citizen's perspective. I was asked by the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham to speak throughout the community on air quality issues. This would mean cleaner air and less respiratory problems, while working together to solve the problem. We shared the Clean Air message, but needed more. The result is Idle Eddy, a student-friendly cartoon character speaking to the reduction of emissions by turning the key of your vehicle to be idle free.


Many companies seek opportunities to find "an equitable balance" between corporate accountability coupled with community responsibility and involvement. We seek to improve the environmental, social, and economic impact on air quality of proposed development and preservation activities.


Johnson Management Group works with several large clients including Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham, CommuteSmart, The City of Birmingham, Lawson State Community College and Alagasco. Johnson is excited to be on the cutting edge of green space and sustainability. While "going green" is largely the subject on the west coast and in the Midwest, it's making its way South where Johnson sees an untapped market.

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